Fundación Rafa Márquez "Fútbol y Corazón”
Fundación Rafa Márquez "Fútbol y Corazón” works to promote the integral development of at-risk  children and youth from low income communities through the implementation of its comprehensive Nutrition, Education and Sport (NED) program.  Each day, Fundación Rafa Márquez serves nearly 1,000 children in its four centers in states of Michoacán, Coahuila, and Jalisco. To that end, a fund has been set up with The Resource Foundation to receive donations in support of the NED program.

Through its signature NED program, Fundación Rafa Márquez (FRM) offers alternatives to gang membership and drug use, while also providing access to nutrition, educational reinforcement, and recreational activities, all of which serve to prepare Mexico’s next generation to build a better society.

FRM’s work is focused in three main areas:

  • Nutrition: FRM centers provide quality food to combat burgeoning dietary problems, such as obesity, poor nutrition, and eating disorders.  This improves children’s and youth’s physical and intellectual performance.
  • Education:  The centers provide support and educational reinforcement program to decrease the dropout rates, which caused by a variety of economic, family and psycho-social factors.
  • Sports:  This component promotes healthy lifestyles by using sport as a tool for human development while also fostering teamwork, discipline and integrity.

To learn more about Fundación Rafa Márquez "Fútbol y Corazón,” the NED program, and how you can support its work, please contact The Resource Foundation at 212-675-6170.  Donations may be made to FRM through The Resource Foundation by clicking here.